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Can You Do the Clearing Operation Yourself?

Land Clearing Techniques That Experts Can Offer You


If the job is just minor, like removing small stones or cutting weeds, you can do it yourself. However, if it takes huge tasks, such as removing big rocks and large trees, you’ll need expert hands for the land clearing project you have. Professional contractors have the right skills in doing the job with the help of heavy equipment to accomplish it.


The method to be used in the clearing operation depends on the type of obstacles to be cleared out, such as stumps, bushes, stones, and trees. We will also take the purpose into account, like urban development or residential clearing.


Hand Clearing

Hand clearing, as the word implies, is a manual clearing method with the use of portable equipment, such as hoes, axes, and cutlasses. This is an affordable and safe way to do smaller tasks of clearing woody areas. To save you from a headache of thinking where to start and how far you’ll go, get the expertise of a service provider for a more efficient and better result.


Mechanical Clearing

This is where the big machines come in like bulldozers, excavators, chainsaws, backhoes, and other heavy equipment. Hands-on land clearing contractors are equipped with the right skills and tools to push over trees, rip out roots, and remove stumps. With this option, the task will be easily done without the hassle of doing the job yourself.


Chemical Clearing

Unwanted plants and forest trees can be eliminated using artificially prepared chemicals as a method. This is done by spraying arboricides chemical to the weeds to make the soil appropriate for planting. Since this is harmful, it requires authoritative or licensed contractors to do it.


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