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Three Reasons to Consider Land Clearing Services


Imagine a family has found a perfect area to build their dream home, but the land is raw and undeveloped. Land clearing creates space for residential and commercial growth. This process is designed to take out trees and dense undergrowth from large properties of land in a short period of time. Tree service contractors utilize a variety of machines to accomplish each clearing project in a safe and timely manner. So when you’re planning on property development, consider the following basis why land clearing might be the fundamental step for your project.


Eliminating Fire Hazards

You can create a safe zone around your property by removing dead plant material and excess growth. Through this process, it reduces the damage to any structures built in the risk of a spreading wildfire.


Encouraging Healthier Trees

When the trees and plants you do want on your property no longer have to compete with weeds and brush for water and nutrients, they will experience healthier growth and enhance your property’s natural beauty.


Giving Back to the Environment

Wood chipping and mulching are part of the process. You can use these by-products to boost your soil’s nutrient content by using them as landscaping mulch or as a layer on the forest floor. In addition to providing plants with the nutrients they need to thrive, mulch also helps prevent soil erosion.


One of the many serious hazards to any property would be overgrowth and deadfall. During the dry season, these hazards become a matchbox that will ignite your property to a deadly loss due to fire. By clearing the land, you’re guaranteed to reduce this risk not only on your property but of your neighbor’s as well. Our company, South Texas Tree of Life Tree Service, is a dependable, hardworking, and truly capable force of a quality tree service provider with the goal of assisting our community to the absolute best of our ability. You can hire us in San Antonio, TX or anywhere else you need our assistance by contacting us at (210) 255-3469.