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Have No Clue on How to Care for Trees?

Reasons to Use a Quality Tree Service

A landscape which sustains beautiful, lush lawns that have perfectly shaped trees is by no means an easy, or simple feat. As it does call for ongoing and regular care and maintenance, both of which can be hard for an average homeowner on their own. Which is why we at South Texas Tree of Life Tree Service have listed a few good reasons why you should hire a quality tree service if you want the most from your landscape.

  1. Begin with healthy soil. A healthy lawn will not only support healthy trees, but it also needs a strong foundation for the best chance of all future successes. The basic need for a strong foundation will always start with good soil. Soil must have a good texture, the right pH balance and plenty of nutrients in order to support any thriving landscape. By making sure the quality of your soil stays the same, do a simple test each year, as its ever-changing composition does make it hard for people to identify what the problems are.
  2.  Heeding warning signs. Most unhealthy trees do show a few warning signs, so start paying more attention to any changes in your landscape, this is important to preventing damage from getting worse. Both infestation and disease are 2 most common issues tree will suffer, and ignoring, or treating them incorrectly with pesticides, can often result in rapid deterioration of the health of your tree. Professional care of tree and lawn issues does save you on time, money and added frustration.
  3. Know and appreciate how valuable your trees actually are. Trees, believe it or not, do increase property value, offer natural protection against the heat and will help clean the air. These are but a few of the numerous reasons why maintaining their health must always be a priority for homeowners. Despite their grandeur, trees can be susceptible to damage, especially when care is neglected.

So if you are a homeowner in San Antonio, TX and need a quality tree service, look no further than us, call today at (210) 255-3469.