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Is It Time to Grind That Stump?

The Main Reasons to Get Stump Grinding Service in San Antonio, TX

Before you decide to get that tree in your yard removed, you should also decide whether the tree stump should be removed as well. If you’re having a hard time making this decision, here are factors to consider why you should get a stump grinding service:

Stumps are ugly

Let’s all get one thing clear: stumps are not aesthetically pleasing to look at. If you’re very meticulous about how your yard looks like, getting that stump removed is going to be very much worth it!

Stumps can be dangerous

Stumps pose a danger to you and your children especially when they enjoy running and playing in your yard. If not removed, they may notice the stump and they could trip over it. And if a neighbor or a guest trips on that stump, the liability falls in your hands and that’s something you would like to avoid.

Your tree could re-grow

If you want that tree gone for good, get rid of the stump as well! Sometimes not getting rid of the stump just contributes to new sprouts and instead of having to deal with one tree, you deal with multiple trees. Going back to aesthetics, a stump with sprouts is just very much unsightly and these small trees also leech nutrients from nearby other plants. So would you rather pay to get that stump removed or would you rather spend a lot of money getting a landscaper to re-do that landscape of yours? Think about it.

Maneuvering can be a hassle with stumps around

Remaining tree stumps are an obstacle that can be hard to maneuver around especially when you are planning to do something in your yard.

Stumps attract insects

Stumps take a lot of time to decay. Throughout the process of decaying, the stump could attract beetles, termites, ants, and other wood-boring pests and you don’t want that. While it might go unnoticed at first, they can eventually start spreading and start invading your home as well.

Stumps take up precious yard space

If you don’t have a large yard, the stump and roots is just eating up a lot of potential space for other yard elements. Imagine this: You can use that space for more plants or a picnic table.

Sure, there would be a need for you to spend extra money to grind down the stumps, but remember that it just might be well worth it. If you think you need a stump grinding service, South Texas Tree of Life Tree Service can help out! It is located in San Antonio, TX. For more information, call (210) 255-3469.