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If you are an owner of a dirty yard, or a person living in a neighborhood with thick trees, your best choice is to call for a reliable property clearing service today. You’ll enjoy the benefits of hiring expert landscapers like South Texas Tree of Life Tree Service for the job. We are a reputable team in San Antonio, TX that understands the importance of tree fertilization. With our help, you can have a new, clean, and safe yard.

Why Is Important to Fertilize Trees

Many homeowners and business owners plant trees for their property but don’t fertilize them. If this happens, the trees and other plants won’t grow properly. It results in a messy and unattractive yard. And it can put your property’s curb appeal at risk. Be mindful of the needs of your trees. If they are producing poorly, call professionals like us to fertilize them soon.

We’ll Fertilize Trees!

Our tree fertilization service uses safe and efficient methods to ensure the healthy growth of trees. First, we will clear the area and make sure no other plants are growing there. After that, we will carefully examine the condition of the trees to see how much and what kind of fertilizers they need. We can use organic and inorganic products to keep their leaves shiny and green. And use mulch to protect the roots from extreme elements and improve their overall health. After we apply fertilizer, we will check the results to make sure the results are consistent with your needs and expectations.

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If you require a reliable property clearing service in San Antonio, TX, you can always trust South Texas Tree of Life Tree Service to help you. We are one of the outstanding tree providers in the area. For inquiries and information, do not hesitate to give us a call at (210) 255-3469 right away! We will be glad to help you!