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Just Bought a Plot of Land That Needs to Be Cleared?

What Is Involved in Land Clearing?


Reasons for Land Clearing

There will be times people have a plot or patch of land they want to start using, while other times, you are at the first stage of a construction project, and you need to clear the land in order to pour the foundations. With regard to farmers, clearing can be done to prepare the land for the planting of crops, clearing the likes of trees, bushes, rocks, to remove stumps, and fill in large holes.


However, for homeowners, clearing a plot of land is more towards making use of property that was previously unusable, whether it was because of the thick brush or forested area. Tree removal and brush clearing can be extremely hard, not to mention time-consuming, and will often call for the operation of heavy machinery. You should never try to clear the land yourself unless you are fully prepared for the costs and time needed to do it properly.


Environmental Restrictions and Impact

Because of the drastic nature that is often involved with clearing land, certain kinds of land like wetlands are actually protected, and cannot be cleared without first being in possession of a clearing permit and an environmental impact test. Land disturbance regulations are in place to protect the environment against both excessive and harmful clearing. Land clearing can also impact on the environment around it greatly.


When building new structures, a general contractor should actually take care of this step. They will need to file the necessary paperwork in order to make sure your project is in accordance with all clearing regulations. But, when you are tempted to clear land on your property without a building going on it, you may have to file for these permits yourself. Which is why hiring professionals such as South Texas Tree of Life Tree Service in San Antonio, TX will help set your mind at rest with regards to any government clearing regulations.


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Land Clearing