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The Finest Tree Removal Specialist for Your Home and Commercial Trees

Are you looking tree removal specialist to remove a sickly and dying tree from your property or to provide your healthy trees with the effective treatment they deserve? You are in the right place. South Texas Tree of Life Tree Service and our capable team will ensure that you are happy with what we have to offer. Choose us in San Antonio, TX when you need our assistance.

Tree Care Service

Take good care of your trees, and they will repay for it by growing strong, green, and lush. We only use high-grade products and professional equipment in our work, and we let the results speak for themselves.

Tree Removal Service

Sick and dead trees can quickly become dangerous due to their roots decaying and weakening, so acting fast is of the utmost importance. We will do our best to assist you in a speedy and thorough manner every time you call.

Quality tree service

Quality tree service

Emergency Tree Service

We can dispatch at a moment’s notice if the case is an emergency. Simply give us a call, and we will be on our way to your location carrying all our trusty tools.

Land Clearing Service

If your landscape is full of stumps, brush, and rocks which serve little purpose other than getting in your way, leave their speedy removal to our experienced hands.

Commercial Tree Service

If you are looking to improve the appeal of your commercial flora, we are the right professionals to turn to. Our able team is prepared to go to any length to assist you.

When it comes to high-grade tree work in the area, few others will offer you a service as fine as we, at South Texas Tree of Life Tree Service, will. Choose our service anywhere in San Antonio, TX you may need us, by giving us a call today. Reach us at (210) 255-3469 and leave all the hard work to us!