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Combine Tree Trimming With a Quality Tree Grinding Service

Are your overgrown branches becoming a problem? Or perhaps your old tree stump has become a haven for all kinds of pests. Combine our tree trimming option with our tree grinding service and take care of two laborious and time-consuming tasks with one single phone call. At South Texas Tree of Life Tree Service, we are committed to providing high-quality assistance to property owners in San Antonio, TX.

Why is Tree Trimming Important?

Overgrown limbs hamper airflow and block sunlight, which ultimately causes inner branches to become brittle. Furthermore, large branches often become a hazard to nearby buildings and provide easy access to properties for wrongdoers. Periodic trimming will not only keep your trees crowns well-groomed but also it will ensure their healthy growth. At South Texas Tree of Life Tree Service, we are masterful at various pruning techniques and we would be honored to spare your expertise with you. With our help, your arbors will always be well-trimmed and beautiful.

Ready to Help

Don’t hesitate to ask us to grind the stump in your backyard when we come to trim your branches. The roofs of tree stubs never stop growing and at some point can reach your property and cause structural damage. Also, they are a preferred nesting ground by different types of insects, rodents, and small mammals. Our tree grinding service in San Antonio, TX will save you from a lot of trouble and combining it with our trimming options, will allow you to save some money.

Why Choose Us?

It is simple – because we care about your arboreal needs. As experienced tree surgeons, we have the know-how and instruments to keep your arbors well-groomed and remove large stumps without any complications and costly delays. Our commitment is to our clients, which is why we always give 110% to accommodate all their demands to the letter.

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Book our tree trimming option or tree grinding service or both now by calling us at (210) 255-3469. We are looking forward to helping you!