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Do you have trees that need to be removed right away? Emergency situations cannot be predicted or prevented, and the only thing you can do is to find ways to minimize damage as much as possible. If the trees in your property are posing risks, consider calling a quality tree service provider such as yours truly, South Texas Tree of Life Tree Service, as soon as possible. Our tree removal service will have them removed from your property in San Antonio, TX quickly and safely.

Tree Removal in San Antonio, TX

Why Remove Trees?

Although trees should be left alone, there are instances when you need to get them removed to prevent any accidents from happening. For instance, if the trees are leaning dangerously close to telephone lines, they need to be removed right away before they cause the lines to break and start a fire. Moreover, if you live in a place where storms happen every so often, trees can crack because of strong winds; so these trees need to be removed immediately before they fully snap and fall on top of your house. During emergency situations like these, get ahold of a tree removal service provider right away.

Choose Us to Remove Trees During Emergencies!

Through our emergency tree service, we will be at your beck and call during emergency situations. If there are trees that pose a threat to you and your household, we’ll remove them for you as quickly as we can. We will arrive fully equipped with the safety gear and the tools needed for the removal process. We will determine which direction the tree should fall and cut a notch facing the chosen direction. We will then cut from the opposite side of the notch a little higher so that it will not accidentally fall on the side facing the house. The tree will then be cut down and removed from your property. If you are in an emergency situation involving the trees on your property, call us right away and we’ll be there to help.

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Looking for a quality tree service provider in your area? South Texas Tree of Life Tree Service is one that you can count on to remove trees during emergency situations. Residents in San Antonio, TX can enjoy free estimates and potential discounts by calling us today at (210) 255-3469!