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Thoughts on Removing Trees

Factors That Property Owners Need to Consider Before Getting a Tree Removal Service

Needless to say, trees are good for properties. They add a certain dimension to your landscape and provide many other practical benefits beyond aesthetics. However, circumstances can bring about their premature demise and you’ll have to think about getting a tree removal service before a dying tree falls over your house, your kids and pets, or your neighbors.

As you’re about to get the process started, there may be a couple of things you’ll need to consider. Here are some of the most crucial ones:


By far, this may be the most important factor to consider when you’re about to cut a tree. Keep in mind that the entire process comes with potential hazards that you’ll want to avoid at all cost. This is especially true when the tree you’re removing is a humongous one. It’s for this reason alone that you should call help from experts who are adept with tree removal.


As the tree experts are about to work on removing a tree on your lot, be sure to inspect if they come with the proper equipment for the job. Are they wearing protective gear? Do they have first-aid kits ready? Did they bring with them sharp, dependable tools? If the team missed out preparing even one of those essentials, your entire project could be jeopardized by untimely but avoidable accidents.

Tree Condition

Before you hire tree experts to eliminate a dying, sickly tree on your property, you have to be doubly sure that the tree in question is really sickly or dead. This is why professional arborists often take the time to assess the tree before they try to remove it. For the most part, alive and dead tree are vastly different in the eyes of experts. Not to mention that a totally dead tree has the tendency to fall in an unpredictable manner.


Even if a tree comfortably sits in the middle of your grand estate, it is still subject to local regulations on tree cutting. This means that before you can bring in the pros to remove a tree, you have to double-check if a permit is required for the task on hand. In most states and counties, a permit is often a prerequisite for such a job and you’d save yourself a lot of stress if the tree service you’re about to hire can offer to do the legwork in your stead.

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